Why self-publish?

Self-publishing is much easier than way back when...
Self-publishing is much easier than way back when…

One of the reasons we started the community is to help authors enjoy the most success. 
by Tom Blubaugh
Yes, I am saying that we should do all the work of publishing ourselves.  Here is why:

  • No query letters, rejection letters, months lost while waiting to hear back on our manuscripts. One publisher lost my manuscript. This was before computers and backup copies. It finally showed up a year later with a note that said, ”not interested.”
  • No loss of any rights.
  • Print on demand, using CreateSpace and order 1 or 1,000 copies at a time, with the availability to revise at any time, which means I can make mini books from released books or sew mini books together to make a full book; sell ads in the back of my book to generate income to cover expenses of publishing; preview future books; add or change website addresses, email addresses, and more.
  • Decide who I want to edit and what type of editing I want them to do. Gina Burgess is rounding up the best editors/vendors in the country for our community. Why look elsewhere?
  • Decide who I want to design my book cover or design my own.
  • Use my website as the principle base for selling my books so I can capture the name and email address of every person who purchases my book knowing they represent 200-300 other buyers. This means I have the ability to drip on my prospective buyers about my new books, book signings, events, or anything else I decide to offer. 99.9% of all authors, who sell on Amazon, don’t know who is buying their book/s, but you know Amazon adds them to their email list.
  • As indie authors, with Tamy Bond’s help, we can do anything we want to do with and through our websites–videos, webinars, virtual book signings, and–heck, just let your mind go–or learn to do it yourself with her and her team’s guidance.
  • The vendors who have joined Common Sense Marketing Strategies have expertise in all aspects of publishing. Talk to them, use their knowledge, and have a little faith in yourself and your work.

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