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By Tamy Bond

What does networking have to do with a website, SEO, or marketing? Well, if you think outside the box a little you may begin to understand that being an author is like running a business. You are in business because you offer something different, better or unique.  Other authors are not your competition.  Joining forces with other authors is a way to sell more of your writings or services. By cross-selling, servicing or networking with others, you may find new ideas or a better way to market your writings.  Build or join a good networking group or community (like Authors Community) either online or in your community.  It’s helpful to be a part of more than one group.

Networking groups can do the following:

  • Increase your website traffic significantly
  • Add highly targeted leads customer list
  • Give a boost to your online sales

How Does This Work?

You all have customers. So, why not join or start a network of authors that help build each other up. You can keep your author brand thriving and growing by sharing ideas, experiences of what worked and maybe what didn’t work. Gain access to others’ knowledge and experience in marketing and you may find good, sound recommendations for your business as well. So, the benefits of networking is immense.

How to Find the Best Network Partners

Now that you know why you want to partner with high-quality authors like yourself, you need to figure out who you’re going to reach out to. To do this on the web, you need to ensure the following three things:

  • Does the business website get traffic?
  • Are they on social media?
  • Does the business website get engagements?

Gather A List Of Websites or Authors In Your Area of Expertise

Develop a list of potential authors that you might share the same or complimentary writings or products. Start by doing searches in Google for phrases that are in your niche or specialty. If you know you refer business to another business quite often, contact them and see if they are willing to reciprocate. You can even share links to each others website to promote referrals.

Say you’re an automotive repair shop. You do business with other types of repair shops, body shops, parts stores, etc. You probably already refer people to their businesses as well. Ask if they would mind doing the same whenever possible. You will know where your referrals come from when you ask, “How did you hear about us?” to your clients. Make sure to let that business or person know you appreciate the referral. An easy way is to send one back to them. Trading business is a great way to network and build 2 businesses with 1 referral partner!

You just need to look around and see who has similar or complimentary offerings to you. Establish a good relationship, then help them promote their work, and they help you promote yours.

As long as you share mutual commitment to send business on Facebook, Twitter, your website and in person. The key here is: The bigger the pool, the more sales you have.

Promoting and marketing are hard work, but not so hard if you have some help from your networking partners.  Authors Community offers this opportunity!  Join the Forum and start networking!

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