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We are pleased to announce:  A REAL STUFF Webinar!
Building Your Platform from the Ground Up: Go from Zero to Pro

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Linore BuckardLinore Burkard, an accomplished author, is speaking live on Wednesday, February 15, 2017, about how authors can build their platforms. It is an hour long webinar packed with great information that will fit your needs as an author (and/or vendor). You will learn practical and easily followable steps to increase your web presence. 

If you're not sure whether you have an effective web presence, you need to take this webinar.

Platform. Some writers feel like it's a dirty word. Why? Because it seems endlessly out of reach, something that only big celebrities or best-selling authors can achieve.

But really, a good platform boils down to having an effective, interactive web presence, and ANY writer, author or entrepreneur can have that.

What is an effective web presence? It is a multi-faceted layering of links—links that all lead to you—so that:

  • Your name shows up in search engines
  • Your book or product can be easily found and purchased
  • You are perceived as a  professional (a "real" writer) to readers, agents, or publishers
  • You're a contender in this business of writing (or whatever business you engage in).
  • You can be contacted easily by readers, agents, editors, or the media
  • There can be no doubt that you are active and engaged on the web.

An effective web presence is what happens when you build a platform from the ground up, using professional methods and time-tested means--such as the ones you'll learn in this webinar.

For example, you'll learn:

  • How to build a platform that tells the world you are a professional.
  • What not to do when just starting out (and the three biggest ways that beginners mess up!)
  • How to build links that all lead to YOU
  • What social media to embrace (and what to ignore)
  • Whether or not you must have a blog (the answer may surprise you)
  • How to maintain growth without spending crazy hours on platform building
  • What the single most important activity is for a really strong platform
  • How your platform works for you once you get it going
  • How Linore's platform-building landed her a three-book contract with Harvest House--a top Christian publisher

Still not sure whether you need a platform?

Publishers don't buy just books--they buy the idea that an author will be a big asset when it comes to selling that book. In essence, they buy their platform.

Agents and editors will search for your online presence when considering whether to represent or publish your book. The lack of a platform can be the deal breaker. 

Likewise, a strong platform might be all the encouragement an agent or publisher needs to take a chance on you and your book.

If it seems unlikely that you can help sales, your book can be passed over FOR THAT REASON ALONE. A strong platform is like an insurance policy to a publisher: it means you have a good chance of helping sell your book, and that is what they look for.

The simple truth is that if you plan on being an author and writing more than one book, you need an audience. Readers. But readers like to know who they're reading. If they love your book, they will look you up on the web. You want to be there when they do!  

But how you appear when they find you is paramount to whether or not you are perceived as a professional or a wanna-be. Your platform is your resume, and it can signal a green light to industry experts--or a red flag.

Join Linore Burkard for this webinar so she can help you come across to your audience--or any audience--as a serious writer or contender in your field. For the unpublished writer, a good platform makes you a person of interest even before your name appears on a book cover.

So whether you're writing your first article or blog post, are traditionally or Indie-published, this webinar will help position you for greater success in the industry.

Every published author can tell you, books do not sell themselves.

The average number of books sold today (for self-published or traditionally published authors) is less than 500. Don't go through all the work of writing a book only to have few to none read it.

A platform is not a guarantee that you'll reach best-seller status—but without it, your book is almost guaranteed not to sell--once your friends and relatives get their copy, that is.

When you purchase this video training, you'll receive:

  • A handout to help you take notes and get all the information so you don't miss anything.
  • A worksheet of action steps to take with you after the event to keep you on track so that you WILL make progress in building your platform.
  • Some links that will help you implement what you learn.

Why should you pay for a webinar (especially a recorded one) when so many are offering free webinars?

Sure, you could probably find free webinars out there. But here's the difference between them and us: After you take the free training, which will be an introduction to a subject, they'll keep trying to Up-sell you to the “REAL" stuff--which usually costs a bundle.

Our webinar is the real stuff. We won't be emailing you with endless offers to get the inside scoop on how to build your platform (for "only" $497!) And Linore won't hold back the best information, saving it for another webinar or product to purchase.

You'll instantly get all she can cram into one hour--her best tips, hints, and safeguards for you to be successful. (It's so much that we've prepared downloadable sheets in order to ensure that you can remember and use it all!)

You only pay for the webinar once--and get ALL the information. You can pause it while taking notes, or back it up to catch something you missed. It's a win-win. 

Be watching for more webinars and classes coming soon from Linore Burkard!