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3 Great Webinars Hosted by Our Staff - For just $20 each!  FREE to Author and Writer Members!  

Using the Ripple Effect: Promoting Yourself and Your Books

Thursday, July 27th, 11 am Central Time

 You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. The same could be said of book consumers. That’s when the art of persuasion becomes a delightful asset.

Don’t like marketing? But you are passionate about your book, right?

Then maybe you should zero in on one aspect of marketing rather than the big picture.

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August 10 - Are You a Hobby Writer or an Author? - Tom Blubaugh

How strange would it be to suddenly see a building sprout in a community and remain vacant-no advertising, no stock, no staff, just a name. Maybe not even the a sign with the name of the owner-just a business name that no one can identify. Crazy, right? Yet many authors write a book or books without branding their name, building social media relationships, developing their target market, growing an email list, becoming transparent through blog articles, making their website sticky, and placing their books on Amazon without doing any serious promotion.

Tom Blubaugh discusses the importance of authors understanding the difference between having a hobby and managing a business.

Recorded Session Available - July 17

More Than Just a Website, How to Make the Internet Work For You - Your Virtual Assistant!

I know I need a website, but then what?  How do I build one?  What do I need to include?  Should I do it myself or hire someone?  How do I get listed by Google?  Isn't Facebook or Amazon enough?  What's the latest trend?

So, much to learn and so little time!  Spend 30 minutes learning the basics of building a solid, Internet presence with Tamy Bond, our resident Internet Specialist and Web Designer.

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Writing Craft webinar in conjunction with Forum Discussion and practical assignments

Date TBA 
Details coming soon.  Susanne is working on all new material that has not been presented before in her newsletters nor in her face-to-face classes. This exciting event will be here first! 

About the Instructor:

C. S. Lakin

C. S. Lakin has penned eighteen novels of various genres, nine with traditional publishers and nine self-published. She works professionally as a copyeditor and writing coach, and guest blogs on the top writing blogs, such as Writers’ Digest and Grammarly, and teaches workshops around the country.

Her award-winning blog Live Write Thrive provides year-long instruction for writers. She also has six writing craft books in The Writer’s Toolbox Series aimed at helping novelists write strong, structured stories.

Lakin specializes in manuscript critiques, doing more than two hundred a year for authors, agents, and publishers. You can learn more about her at and check out her online video courses at

How to Write Irresistible Fiction and Non-Fiction

4-week interactive online course with Writer's Digest author, Jeff Gerke.

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This course is a personal instruction by Jeff Gerke of his latest book The Irresistible Novel.

Jeff Gerke is an accomplished author, book cover designer, publisher, editor, and dad.

Writing dynamically applies to all markets, just as speaking dynamically keeps audiences awake. "Bueller? Bueller?" Learning how to write irresistible narrative will impact fiction and non-fiction writing, social media writing, public speaking, and numerous other types of writing. His latest book, The Irresistible Novel published by  Writer's Digest, is the background for this exciting class.

But the class isn't just for writing novels. It's for anyone who writes.  For the best experience, you may purchase the book here.


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Crafting Memorable Dialogue

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We’ve all slogged through novels with boring, predictable, or chit-chat dialogue. In many genres, dialogue makes up half of the novel, so dialogue can make or break your bond with readers. You can learn how to craft believable, quotable dialogue, by discovering when to and when not to use dialogue, by infusing the appropriate level of conflict for each scene, and by individualizing characters through 12 key speech markers.

About the Instructor:
joni m fisher - authorAuthor Joni M. Fisher is a career journalist and private pilot. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America, and active in the Tampa Area Romance Authors and the Kiss of Death Chapters. She has conducted her dialogue workshop since 2010 for various writing groups and organizations. Author of the Compass Crimes Series, she is hard at work on book three.

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Why should you pay for a webinar when so many are offering free webinars?

Sure, you could probably find free webinars out there. But here's the difference between them and us: After you take the free training, which will be an introduction to a subject, they'll keep trying to Up-sell you to the “REAL" stuff--which usually costs a bundle.

Our webinar is the real stuff. We won't be emailing you with endless offers to get the inside scoop!  And our presenters won't hold back the best information, saving it for another webinar or someone who pays more.

You'll instantly get all they can cram into one hour--their best tips, hints, and safeguards for you to be successful. 

You only pay for the webinar once--and get ALL the information.

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Building Your Platform from the Ground Up: Go from Zero to Pro


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Linore BuckardLinore Burkard, an accomplished author, is speaking live on how authors can build their platforms. It is an hour long webinar packed with great information that will fit your needs as an author (and/or vendor). You will learn practical and easily followed steps to increase your web presence.
About the Instructor:
Linore Rose Burkard is best known for her Inspirational Regency Romance Series, which whisks readers back in time to early 19th century England. Eye-popping detail and heart-warming adventure are par for the course in her books. Fans of romance in the tradition of Austen and Heyer (such as Pride & Prejudice, Cotillion, and even My Fair Lady), enjoy meeting Linore's feisty heroines and dashing heroes.


I am glad I participated in today’s webinar. I liked how Linore used the idea of building a wall with a foundation as a way to conceptualize one’s platform. It helped me to see where I am doing things well and where my weak areas are. I thought Linore was easy to understand, took enough time with each point, and developed her concepts very nicely. In fact, I would love to have her speak on how to launch a book.

~Kerry McAvoy, Author
Linore did great! She has a good voice for doing webinars. She confirmed a lot of what I've heard/thought. I've felt so much like I've been just "casting a net." I do have a website, but I do need to utilize it and also get a newsletter going. Now that's something else I could use help with! I thought she was well-organized and did give helpful information. And it was interesting. I'd never seen platform and brand put together quite that way before. I hope it was profitable for you to do.

~Kathy Rouser
I can't thank you enough for your webinar and for getting me to be more active in promoting my work. I appreciate very much the ... search tips for Facebook. Just this week I've become part of two baking groups: Pie Nation and Food52 cookbook club. I'll be posting regularly as well as on my baking blog.  Your webinar was just the jump start I needed!

Greg Patent
What a blessing! Thank you for sharing your writing journey with us. The story of how the editor at Harvest House discovered you (because of your web presence)and which led to your multi-book contract SO inspired me. It's like a writing "Cinderella story"! I'm sure other writers would be inspired by it as well. Thank you for being truly inspirational. Blessings!
Tammy Ector Fisse
WOW, thank you!!! I feel like I learned more (from you) than I have in months. I have a new book coming out in May and am putting this in my file and will start working on contacts, etc..What I love is that you gave practical and tangible steps!!!!!!! I feel like I have been working through a murky fog in the realm of marketing!! Thank you for clearing some of it away! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"
Becky Harling, International Author/Speaker
Linore, your mini-makeover info is amazing. I learned a bunch! Thank you for being willing to share your expertise. Blessings.
Linda Clare, Author, Speaker, Coach
Linore, thank you so much for the marketing makeover. It's amazing! I'm just now printing it out to highlight and make notes on. I don't want to overlook a single word. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together and in such clear and executable steps. Thank you, thank you!!! Blessings.
Susy Flory, NY Times bestselling Author, Speaker, Conference Director
In my new venture, The Writing Mechanic Publishing Collective, I need to be able to assist my authors in setting up their own platforms in order to sell their books and build readership. Linore's webinar was a fantastic overview of information in that vein. She used a brilliant metaphor to explain all of the elements to an author platform, and I feel confident moving forward into my new venture with her basic plan for building an author platform in mind.
Kathrin Herr, The Writing Mechanic
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