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Crafting Memorable Dialogue Workshop

This workshop is a presentation with an extensive handout that gives most of the information of Joni Fisher’s month-long correspondence class with a Q & A session following the presentation.
Seeing how these techniques can apply to your work will help you maximize the benefits of the workshop.

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joni m fisher - author
Author Joni M. Fisher is a career journalist and private pilot. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America, and active in the Tampa Area Romance Authors and the Kiss of Death Chapters. She has conducted her dialogue workshop since 2010 for various writing groups and organizations. Author of the Compass Crimes Series, she is hard at work on book three.



What you get in this fascinating and on-target workshop:

  • Identify the purposes and limitations of dialogue.
  • Infuse dialogue with conflict. Make each conversation matter. One acting technique and nine elements show how to enliven any dialogue ranging from polite debates to violent confrontations.
  • Construct dialogue with depth of meaning that flows at two levels.
  • Fine tune dialogue to create suspense and raise questions in the reader’s mind.
  • Transform predictable exchanges into memorable, fresh dialogue using a simple creativity technique.
  • Craft believable, dynamic conversations that cut to the chase. Apply the less-is-more adage to dialogue. Learn when to summarize and use fragment quotes.
  • Talk the talk. Individualize characters through dialogue using any of eleven revealing markers. See how to conduct field research for dialogue.
  • Apply the stimulus/response pattern to maintain clarity of action in a scene.
  • Use dialogue tags, action tags and thought tags to show character’s goals, motivations, and conflicts.
  • Format and punctuate dialogue properly.
  • Q&A and return of critiques.

When you purchase this online training, you'll also receive:

  • An extensive handout that helps you take notes and get all the information so you don't miss anything. (You need to email us for that download.)
  • A dialogue strategy to take with you after the event to keep you on track so that you WILL create not only memorable dialogue but also memorable characters.

Why should you pay for this workshop when so many are offering free workshops?

Sure, you could probably find free webinars out there. But here's the difference between them and us: After you take the "free" training, which will be an introduction to a subject, they'll keep trying to Up-sell you to the “REAL" stuff--which usually costs a bundle.

This workshop is the real stuff. We don't email you with endless offers to get the inside scoop on creating characters or how to improve your writing craft (for "only" $497!) And Joni doesn't hold back the best information, saving it for another webinar or product to purchase.

You'll instantly get all she crams into one live session--her best tips and hints. (It's so much that she's prepared downloadable sheets to ensure that you can use it all!)

You only pay for the workshop once--and get ALL the information.